Men’s Basketball Recruiting Reform

fire-basketball-iconThe recruitment of student-athletes for any sport including men’s basketball is always a hot topic. The reason I bring this up today is that I have the challenge of writing my graduate school thesis on the recruiting process for NCAA Division I men’s basketball and will be trying to come up with a few proposals to simplify the process. Once the proposals are complete, I will try to present them to the NCAA and to the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) to see if it is possible to simplify the process for all parties involved. This seems like a daunting task right now but one that I am excited to begin to tackle! This process will be a great learning experience for me as I am currently a Division III assistant coach and I am really only familiar with their recruiting rules.
As previously stated, I am currently an NCAA Division III assistant men’s basketball coach and our rules are very simple to follow. We can recruit basically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, following the student-athletes junior year. However, Division III is much, much, different; we do not have athletic scholarships and therefore recruiting usually is not done nationally at our level. The majority of our student-athletes come from the home state of the school or the couple of states closest to the institution. At the Division I level where athletic scholarships are available, the rules differ tremendously.
At the NCAA Division I level, it seems as though the rules are changing year by year. All of the adjustments and reforms have left a bit of a grey area that coaches and recruits have to carefully navigate to not break any of the NCAA rules that are in place. NCAA Division I men’s basketball coaches are provided a long list of recruiting rules and a recruiting calendar that breaks down the year into recruiting periods. They have the recruiting periods, evaluation periods, quiet periods, and dead periods. (The link for the calendar is below) I will not get into what each period mean’s but it is a process that I know confuses many of the student-athletes who are being recruited. The coaches have rules meetings and compliance officers at their schools that can easily explain a rule if the coach is unclear about it. However, the student-athletes are left to search the rules themselves and that can be extremely confusing if they do not know where to look for the answers. Luckily, the NCAA is aware of this and has made resources available to potential student-athletes; however, they need to do more to prepare these student-athletes for the entire recruiting process. That is where I hope my thesis can bring about changes.
NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Recruiting Calendar:
The Division I recruiting process is very new to me and one that I can’t wait to learn all about! If you have first-hand knowledge of the rules and would like to share your ideas, I am all ears. You can email me at
I will also have a survey available in a few weeks for Division I men’s basketball head and assistant coaches to fill out for my research as well as a survey for current and former Division I men’s basketball recruits. I hope everyone has a great day and I look forward to future discussions regarding the recruiting process!

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