Coaching – Book of the Week!

John WoodenOne way that I have successfully molded my coaching philosophy has been through reading. I have a large library of books and most of them pertain to coaching, leadership, motivation, relationship building, and success. In reading these books, I have gained invaluable knowledge that has and will continue to help me in life and in my coaching career. My favorite books are biographies of successful people and coaches. I love to read these books and look directly at what these successful people have done in their lives and how they got to be successful. In doing so, I have found common traits in all of them. The most common traits I have found are a passion for life and their trade, dedication, hard work, innovation, positive attitudes, well-educated (book smarts and/or street smarts), self-motivated, and great leadership skills.
Each week, I will share with you the book of the week and hope that I can share some knowledge that I have gained through these books and hope that you can return the favor. I am always looking for new books to pick up so please share your favorites. You can email them to me at
This week I will share one of my all-time favorite books: Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks For a Better Life. If you are a coach of any sport at any level and have not read this book, I can’t recommend it enough! Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success is utilized by sports teams at all levels as well as major Fortune 500 companies and helps these teams and organizations continue to grow and become more successful.


4 thoughts on “Coaching – Book of the Week!

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