Confidence vs. Cockiness

Brandon+Jennings+Milwaukee+Bucks+v+Miami+Heat+xpnHlNZs3-ilThere is a huge difference between being confident and being cocky. However, many times people mistake people confidence for cockiness. For instance, Brandon Jennings a guard for the Milwaukee Bucks was asked how he thought his team would do in the opening round of the NBA playoffs against the Miami Heat and he said that his team would win the best of seven series in six games. He was laughed at and mocked by many but people liked his confidence. Fast forward a few nights later, Jennings was interviews after the Bucks lost their 2nd straight game against the Heat and went down in the series 2-0 and a reporter asked what he thought about his original prediction now that they were down 2-0 in the series. Jennings replied he still believed the Bucks would win the series but may need a 7th game to do so. This time, Jennings wasn’t just laughed at by the media; he was called cocky and arrogant? He was ripped on social media by fans who thought Jennings was out of his mind and was selfish for saying this…Here is my take on Jennings and any player who states that their team will win: YOU CAN PLAY ON MY TEAM ANY DAY! People are mistaking his confidence for cockiness; something that happens all of the time. I have coached and played on some really good teams and some really bad teams; but regardless of how my team was, I always believe whole-heartedly that we were going to win! The second that you doubt that outcome is the second you begin to lose. While I personally don’t think the Bucks have any chance of beating the Heat in this series, I respect Jennings for his CONFIDENCE. If he came out and said I am going to score 50 points tonight; then you can call him cocky. Until then, respect his confidence and learn to be more confident in yourself and your team!

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