Rising Stars – Philly Jam Fest

532703_509858569078679_1594604744_nAs I sit here getting ready to watch the NFL draft, I can’t help but think about how excited yet nervous these players who are about to be drafted are. Tonight at the draft is not a culmination of everything they have always been working for; however, it is big time gratification and acknowledgement that their hard work and dedication to their passion is starting to pay off! If they continue to make strides, their careers will blossom! This weekend at the Hoop Group’s Philly Jam Fest, high school players from all over the country will have a very similar opportunity. Sure they are not getting drafted into a professional league; but they are being evaluated by big time college coaches and for many of them, this is their time to shine! It is time for them to show what they have and leave it all on the court. Just like the NFL players waiting for the draft, these players are waiting for their opportunity to shine; will it be this weekend? My advice for the weekend for any of these players would be to leave everything they have on the court, play to their strengths, play within your team’s system (No coach wants to see you play one on one all game), lockdown on defense, stay humble, be a great teammate and leader, out-work your opponents, and enjoy this opportunity! Best of luck to all participants, can’t wait to catch the action!

Please let me know if you have any requests for plays, drills, defenses, etc…

You can email me at coachtimmcdonald@gmail.com

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