Ray Allen – Shooting Drill

77-26117-JHere is a video of a great shooting drill! The video gives a great demonstration of how simple the drill is but also how effective it can be on conditioning players to be ready to catch and shoot. The video is courtesy of BreakthroughBball. The drill needs a shooter and a rebounder/passer. The shooter needs to make five consecutive shots in one line before moving to the next spot (The line meaning you back up a few feet in a straight line after making each shot; the fifth shot in each line is a three point shot). There are five lines at each spot and five spots on the floor: baseline, wing, center, opposite wing, and opposite baseline. If you miss a shot in a line, you start that line over. To simplify those instructions: five lines at each spot, five spots on the floor, make five consecutive shots to advance to the next spot on the floor; if you miss a shot, you start that line over. Enjoy the video and make this an off-season drill for your players to do on their own!

Please let me know if you have any requests for plays, drills, defenses, etc…

You can email me at coachtimmcdonald@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Ray Allen – Shooting Drill

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