Ten Great Motivational Speeches

Remember the 1983 National Champion NCState Wo...

Remember the 1983 National Champion NCState Wolfpack (Photo credit: E. A. Sanabria)

Here is Coach Jim Valvano’s (Jimmy V) 1993 ESPY speech, which in my opinion; this is the best speech of all time!  If you are not familiar with Jimmy V or this speech, I am not sure what planet you have been living on.  Regardless, Jimmy V gave this speech knowing that he was dying of cancer.  He used his great personality to give a speech that has motivated and inspired people from all over the world to help support and fund cancer research, live better lives, taught many to not take anything for granted, and left a legacy that will never be erased.  Every year, ESPN celebrate Jimmy V week where they show the speech throughout the week and ask people to donate money for cancer research.  The Jimmy V Foundation was started right after this speech was given and to date has raised millions of dollars to fund cancer research.  Enjoy the greatest speech ever given!

Number Eight:

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