Joe Torre’s Rules For Leading a Team

Joe Torre (seen here as the manager of the New...

Joe Torre (seen here as the manager of the New York Yankees), led the Braves to a postseason appearance in 1982. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below are four rules of straight communication that former baseball manager Joe Torre has developed over the years and has recently shared with the world.  I received these four rules in an email from the Coaching Insider this morning and wanted to share them:

  1. Remember that every player has a special need for one  of these things: motivation, reassurance or technical help. Determine what that need is and meet it.
  2. Deliver tightly focused, positive messages, such as a quick word of praise for a good play. Simple words of appreciation are more powerful motivators than many leaders expect.
  3. Work hard to establish rapport with team members from backgrounds that are different from your own. It does take extra work, but the results can be extraordinary.
  4. Let team members know that you accept the full range of their emotions, including fear and uncertainty. Unless people admit their fear, they will never be able to confront obstacles and grow.

What I find very interesting is that coaches in general spend the majority of their time trying to find new strategies on coaching X’s and O’s, practice drills, recruiting techniques, etc…While it is great and necessary to continue to learn those things; what happens if you can’t communicate these things effectively to your team?  Every coach knows or at least should know the basic X’s and O’s of their respective sport; however, the successful coaches are able to communicate better with their players and are better at motivating them to reach their full potential.  Becoming a better coach not only means learning new plays and drills but also means becoming a better teacher, communicator, and motivator.  Get better each day and never stop growing!

Please let me know if you have any requests for plays, drills, defenses, etc…

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