Roy Williams – UNC

Roy Williams at a Press Conference for the Uni...

Roy Williams at a Press Conference for the University of North Carolina Tarheels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was asked recently by Jeff Chenier the head men’s basketball coach at Baytown Christian High School in Texas for anything that I had on Coach Roy Williams from the University of North Carolina.  After digging through some files, I realized that I had quite a bit.  Below are the links to what I have.  These files came from various sources throughout the years so I apologize if I don’t give you credit for your work on compiling this information.

Click Below To Access the Files:

Roy Williams Files


Nike_Clinic_05_Roy Williams

Roy Williams Coaching Clinic Notes

Roy Williams Secondary Break and Free lance motion

Roy Williams Secondary Break Chalkboard

Roy Williams Transition Game

Roy Williams_ Pressure Releases in the Secondary Break

Please let me know if you have any requests for plays, drills, defenses, etc…

You can email me at

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