Basketball Player Recognition Checklist

English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan

English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This afternoon I put out my recruiting checklist and received a couple from players and parents asking how they should go about getting recognition from college coaches either for themselves or their kids.  So here is another checklist for what players or parents can do to gain recognition from collegiate basketball coaches.

  1. Be the best student you can be – the better your academics, the more opportunities you will have
  2. Dedicate yourself to the game – you must put the work in to see the results
  3. High School Basketball – your main focus should be here; other teams come second!  Strive to be the best player and teammate you can be.  Your high school coach will provide college coaches with the bulk of the information on you; will it be good or bad information?  The choice is yours…
  4. AAU Basketball – while your high school team should be your main focus, it is a must to get out and play on the AAU circuit!
  5. Exposure camps – There are a bunch of camps and clinics that are available; if you can afford to attend it is a huge benefit.  I work at just about every Hoop Group Elite camp and the majority of the players I recruit come from those camps
  6. Recruiting Services – In my opinion, I would never and I mean NEVER recommend a player or parent paying for recruiting services!  If you are a good enough player and attend AAU events and Exposure camps, you will be included in recruiting reports that collegiate coaches spend big money on to help them with recruiting.  If you are going to sign up for recruiting services; choose the free ones such as or
  7. Sending recruiting videos or letters to college coaches – I have no problem with the letters being sent but why not save some money and just send an email.  However, instead of sending a letter or email; I would recommend going on the schools website and filling out their athletic questionnaire.  As far as the videos go, coaches do NOT want to see highlight videos!  Send a full game or a couple of games and very important, let the coaches know what number you are!
  8. Be patient and continue to work hard!  Not everyone is cut out to be a collegiate athlete.  However, if you are dedicated to the game and continue to improve, you may be able to work your way on to a team!

Hope this information helps and best of luck!

Please let me know if you have any requests for plays, drills, defenses, etc…

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