Coaching Strengths and Weaknesses

English: Head coach Jamie Dixon (clipboard) hu...

English: Head coach Jamie Dixon (clipboard) huddles with his coaching staff in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I am going to talk about one of the biggest problems coaches of any sport have; especially when they are first starting out.  Many coaches do not know their strengths and are not willing to admit their weaknesses.  This is a major mistake!  It is extremely important not only to know your strengths but to be aware of your weaknesses.  So to begin, you need to step back and really look at where you excel as a coach.  For me, I would say one of my greatest strength is my ability to teach and communicate what I want done with my players.  I also believe that my passion and will to win spills over into my day to day interactions with my players.  Now on to the harder part; stepping back and determining where your weaknesses as a coach are.  My suggestion would be to ask your peers and other coaches.  Ask them to be honest so that you can learn your true weaknesses.  Right now for me, my biggest weakness as a coach is handling a loss.  Too many, this might sound ridiculous, but for me, I carry that loss around way longer than I should.  A loss will affect my sleep and at times my mood for the next day or so.  I am extremely competitive so obviously losing is something that I will never stand for and will never fully accept.  However, it is part of the game and I need to learn to move forward quicker and turn our mistakes from the loss into teaching opportunities to make our team better.

Every person and coach will have different strengths and weaknesses.  Your job as a coach is to know your own strengths and weaknesses.  Once you have your strengths, you need to utilize them and make them the focal point of what you do on a day to day basis.  As far as your weaknesses go, you need to recognize them first, and then work on improving them and hopefully one day turning them into strengths for you.

I hope you enjoy this simple yet important message!

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