Charateristics of Being Game Ready

NBA Finals

NBA Finals (Photo credit: Paolo Rosa)

Here is a new list of characteristics of being game ready that I received from the Coaching Insider.  If you watch basketball regularly or have just been enjoying the NBA Finals, you have heard a few stories of players stepping up or coming off the bench and being ready for their moment!  Danny Green, Mike Miller, Gary Neal, etc…You never know when your coach may call your number so make sure you are prepared and ready!

Relaxed: The days of getting psyched up are over. Research has shown over and over that the best performances occur when you are just slightly above your normal state of arousal, not the extreme.

Confident: There is no fear. You should expect to be successful, not hope or wish to be successful.

Completely focused: You are oblivious to everything else going on around you—consumed by the moment. Like a child playing with his toys, you are so absorbed in the moment that nothing outside can affect you.

Effortless: Things just sort of happen with little or no effort.

Automatic: There is no interference from your thoughts or emotions. Things are just happening.

Fun: When you having fun its easy!

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