Coaching progression

Nice article by Coach Mumford…Enjoy!


Players want it all, now! They want coaches to touch them on the head and make them a great player. They are impatient to find the shortcut, the easy way out, the basketball equivalent of a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. They want to skip the beginner stuff and get to the advanced skills, the elite strategies, and the pro-level drills.

As coaches, we want to impress players with our knowledge and abilities, and it is very tempting to give it to them all at once. However, every coach needs to learn the progression required to build an advanced level skill. To allow a beginning athlete to jump into advanced skills without first mastering the basics, is to open the door to disaster. Through repeated failure to succeed at a skill, injury at a young age, or burnout from doing too much, too soon, many players are lost from the sport of basketball…

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