Teaching Points – Sideline Pick & Roll

English: Chris Paul dribbling the ball

English: Chris Paul dribbling the ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found this checklist online from Coach Ryan Goodson…A great checklist of teaching points for the sideline pick and roll.  Enjoy!

Checklist of Teaching Points for Sideline P&R

  1. Dribbler needs to engage defender-get him/her below level of the screen
  2. Dribbler needs to bump defender right before they go off the ball screen to create separation.  “Initiate Contact to Separate!”
  3. Go shoulder to hip past the screener .
  4. Attack the high foot or “ankle” of the defender showing.  “Must be low to absorb the contact”
  5. Attack when the defender’s meet on the recovery.  “See their back-ATTACK!”
  6. Go 2 dribbles off the screen to create space and to draw help defense.

Reads off the sideline pick and roll in order:

  1. Dribblers Shot:  “Attack to Score”
  2. Hit the Screener on Roll/Pop/Slip
  3. The post player in the alley for Lob or Duck in.
  4. Weak side spot up Shooter/Ball side shooter
  5. Replace

Reads For the Dribbler to Score Off of the Sideline P & R

  1. Turn the Corner and Score “Soft hedge or no hedge”
  2. Reject (Refuse the screen if you see defender’s head turn, or if they jump over the top of the screen.)
  3. Split: If there is a gap between the screener and shower use a crossover to get through the gap.
  4. Gap Shot: Defender goes under the screen. Stop behind the screener for the three.
  5. Hard Hedge:  Turn the corner or retreat two dribbles.  As soon as the screeners defender turns their back on the interchange—Attack!
  6. Bounce Off: Defense Shows Hard and you bounce off/back then attack)
  7. Steal the Spot/Veer:  Keep your defender on your hip as you come off the screen; curl cut but for a ball screen. This is a NBA move when the screener’s defender does not show or you are “forced down” on a sideline pick and roll.
  8. Rescreen: Go hard 2 dribbles off the ball screen and then get a “rescreen” from the big.
  9. Go 2 dribbles hard off the screen or bounce off 2 dribbles – make an inside out dribble as the big is going to recover.
  10. Hard Stop and Go: Go hard to the shower if they hard hedge, keep your dribble alive and defender on your hip. As soon as the shower leaves to recover, drive the ball straight down the lane line and keep your defender on your hip.
  11. Blitz or Double Team:  Retreat two dribbles and then attack the weaker or slower defender on their closeout—–Retreat two dribbles and make sure your teammates give up their position for possession by creating a triangle of options (3 nearby receivers with 10 to 15 ft. of space between each).

Please let me know if you have any requests for plays, drills, defenses, etc… Also let me know if you have any articles, plays, drills, etc…that you would like me to publish for you on the site.

You can email me at coachtimmcdonald@gmail.com



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